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Terms Of Service

1.Client Responsibilities*:


  • Clients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information
    necessary for the provision of services. Additionally, clients are expected to adhere

    to agreed-upon timelines and cooperate with IonLabs in the execution of services.



  • IonLabs agrees to maintain the confidentiality of client information and proprietary
    data shared during the course of the project. Similarly, clients are expected to

    treat any confidential information provided by IonLabs with the utmost




  • IonLabs reserves the right to terminate the license of any user who violates these
    terms. Upon termination, the user must cease all use of the software and destroy

    all copies in their possession.

dditional Features and Charges*:


  • If any additional features or services are requested by the client after the initial
    agreement, these will incur extra charges. The client agrees to pay for these

    additional features or services as specified by IonLabs.

Acceptance of Terms*:


  • By entering into an agreement with IonLabs, the client acknowledges that they
    have read and accepted the Terms of Service. IonLabs is not responsible for any

    misunderstandings or disputes arising from the client’s failure to read the Terms of

    Service prior to the agreement.


6.Trademark Inclusion*:


  • The IonLabs trademark will be included in the footer of the client’s website. This
    trademark inclusion is mandatory. The client agrees not to remove or alter the

    IonLabs trademark from their website.

7.Limitation of Liability*:


  • IonLabs shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or
    consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use the software,

    even if IonLabs has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Modification of Terms*:


  • IonLabs reserves the right to modify these terms of service at any time. Clients will
    be notified of any changes, and continued use of IonLabs’ services following such

    modifications constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.


.Ownership of Intellectual Property*:


  • IonLabs reserves all intellectual property rights related to the software provided.
    The trademark, watermark, or any other intellectual property of IonLabs

    embedded in the software must not be modified, altered, or changed in any way.

10.Hosting Restrictions*:


  • The software, including any websites created using it, may not be hosted on more
    than one domain. The initial domain on which the software is hosted cannot be

    changed without the express written consent of IonLabs.


11.Modification Restrictions*:


  • The code, design, software logic, or any other part of our software must not be
    modified, altered, or changed in any manner.